Expenses of Property Purchase in Turkey

The cost of purchasing real estate in Turkey

The additional costs associated with paperwork when buying property in Turkey are listed below. This only gives approximate cost of services, as the exact amounts are set in state institutions, depending on the type and area of ​​real estate. 1. cost of purchase 4.0% of the declared value of the property in the Title Deed (the amount shown in the Tapu Office is lower than the value of the property and approximately 500 to 1.500 euros). 2. The entry for the document Tapu - 65 euros; 3. Translation of passports + notarization: - 50 euros; 4. The translation services (upon receipt Tapu in the Land Registry) - 75 euros; 5. Registration of the electricity meter: 100 euros (transfer existing connection to your name is 30 euros) 6. Check water meter: 100 euros; 7. Request for authorization to stay for one year - € 150
Annual expenditure: 1. Annual tax (depending on the area, such as real estate), takes into account the rate of 0.1% per annum of the value of the property; 2. Property insurance: 100 euros per year (depending on the type of insurance), as a rule, all paid only when first made, then at will.
You should also know that all these procedures are followed by Kusadasi Properties, only you have to pay state fees and related services (notary, translator). This routine will not cause you any discomfort.
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