Mortgage in Turkey

Get credit directly from the construction company

The property can be paid in installments of up to 5 years, depending on the city and the company. down payment is 50%, after which you are given Tapu and the remaining amount can be paid in installments within 5 years. The process of buying property is easy and no additional documentation is required. All you need is a sales contract with the construction company (which will provide payment in installments) where payment data will be written. Every detail of the amount paid to the seller and the duration of payment of the fee will be written into the contract.

Tapu (title) will be processed on your behalf with the credit (the remaining amount of money owed the construction company will be written there).

For example:
If you buy a property of 70,000 euros: the down payment is € 35,000 and then the remaining amount payable is € 35,000. You will then have to pay € 2,917 each month to 1 year.

12 months (1 year) quota has no interest rate. If you go to five annual installments, the interest rate will depend on the duration of the loan, but will not exceed 7% per year.