Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

If you want to buy property in Turkey, but are not able to come to Turkey in the desidered time, you can give the legal power to Kusadasi Properties and we buy the right property in their name and on their behalf.

When you have already selected a property in Turkey and the signing of the sales contract, you will need some more time to present at the signing of documents for the purchase of your property.

If you do not have time to stay in Turkey during the execution of documents, you can give a power of attorney to our company or a licensed attorney to represent their interests in state agencies.

Such power is emitted notary or Turkish Consulate in their country of residence. It allows you to start the process of the acquired property, makes an application to the authorities in Turkey, and then obtain a certificate of ownership (Tapu) in the Land Registry to its name.

For registration of power of attorney must have a valid passport, translated and certified copy of the tax identification number (NIF). Also during the processing power it must be presented a certified interpreter (usually it is in the notary's office).

You give power of attorney, you risk nothing, because the presence of a power does not give the right to someone else on this property, as in the title only his name and photo shown.
Power of attorney in Turkey may be issued to:

• The purchase of real estate in Turkey;
• Property Management in Turkey;
• Bank transactions on its behalf;
• The installation and use of funds on its behalf;
• Presentation of claims and litigation;
• Implementation of fiscal operations, etc.
• Execution of documents