Property Purchasing Process in Turkey

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If you are interested in buying real estate in Turkey and what to get answers on how the procurement process works, please read this article thoroughly. Our team of professionals in the real estate we will help you every step of the process.
Turkey not only the beautiful country with a rich history and mild climate, but also emerging countries top the world. This makes investment offers unbeatable in Turkey, where the country can become the owner of the property within a few days! Turkey's economy is growing so fast that in 2013 the growth of Antalya property has increased by 22.62%.
Steps for the purchase of the property:
1. Obtain a tax identification number for the buyer in Turkey (Vergi n) - tax identification number is a number that is given to all foreign residents in Turkey in order to facilitate all official transactions on his / her own name .

2. Open an account at one of the Turkish banks.
The procedure for opening a bank account is quite simple. All you need is a passport number and tax. The account can be opened in dollars, euros or Turkish lira, with the minimum amount of $ 1.

3. Sign the contract of sale
The purchase contract consists of several items written in the English language and Turkish, and the contract signed by both the buyer and the real estate company. By signing the contract, the buyer pays the reserve price for the seller. Usually, this is an amount of 1000-2000 euros which guarantees the buyer that the property you are considering buying may not be sold to anyone else. After signing the contract, the buyer transfers the money within two weeks to the bank account of the company's real estate and the preparation process begins Tapu.

4. Get the Tapu (document certifying the right of ownership) the purchaser of a property in Turkey needs the following documents: a copy of passport, two photos of passport and tax identification number of the sample obtained in Turkey. Note that the list of documents must be presented to all owners whose names are registered in the Tapu.
According to the new changes in Turkish law if a foreigner does not matter what country has already bought a unit of property in the estate, then you can get the title deed within 1-2 working days. If foreigners have not yet purchased a property, then it will take about six weeks to wait for the decision of the Military Department in Izmir.
At the time of transfer of ownership (Tapu) must pay the full value of the property as well as all taxes and fees applicable to Tapu.
Tapu is registered with the Registrar of local property and issues directly to the property owner or his representative in the presence of a translator. After receiving Tapu the buyer becomes the owner of the property.

5. Open water meter and electricity on their behalf
To check water meters and electricity in his name to be made only after receiving the Tapu.
We guarantee our clients a complete legal support. You can count on our company at all stages - before, during and after the purchase of real estate in Turkey. If you have any questions, please contact us and consult step by step.